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LOFTREX SERIES OF FILTER CARTRIDGDESLOFTREX™ melt blown polypropylene filter cartridges have a multi-density design to simultaneously retain both coarse and fine particles.  The outer portion consists of non-woven melt blown polypropylene for retention of larger particles.  The inner area consists of a bi-component polypropylene and polyethylene fiber inner core to retain the finer particulate that traversed through the melt blown section.  LOFTREX are constructed as a single piece, it is not a two piece design with an inner core.

No surfactants are present which could contribute to foaming or other undesirable performance and the material of construction satisfies FDA CFR 177 requirements

LOFTREX™ filter cartridges are offered in four designs encompassing both nominal and absolute rated retentions and single and multi-zone designs for retentions within 0.50 to 150 microns.

The following chart contains summary information and links to additional specifications and pricing by LOFTREX model.

loftrex pricing table link
Multi-purpose "economy" filter cartridge for pre-filtration applications
Basic filtration applications such as RO pre-filters, chemicals, waste water, chemicals and inks.
Multi-zone layer, nominal 1 to 75 µm retention, Beta 5 efficiency
loftrex-a pricing table link
Critical clarifying applications wherever absolute rated efficiency and high performance is required
Filtration of chemicals, paint, ink, water, plating, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, microelectronics and cosmetics.
Four zone, absolute 0.5 to 70.0
µm retention, Beta 1000 efficiency
loftrex-c pricing table link
Wine, beer, foods and beverage, cosmetics, oil and gas and RO pre-filtering applications
Filtration of machine tool coolant, coatings, corn syrup, magnetic slurries and plating solutions
Two zone, nominal 0.5 to 150.0
µm retention, Beta 10 efficiency
loftrex-t pricing table link
Food and beverage, ink, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, photoresists and RO pre-filters
Filtration for the chemical, microelectronic, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries
Four zone, nominal 0.5 to 70 µm retention, Beta 10 efficiency

Follow the links above for specific LOFTREX™ filter cartridge models or you can use the navigation bar above to look-up part numbers and pricing for any LOFTREX™ filter cartridge offered by Eaton, please call, fax or email us for pricing and ordering instructions.