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filter cartridges made of porous titaniumLOFMET™ filter cartridges are constructed of porous titanium and designed for applications involving extreme temperatures and operating conditions.  Aggressive fluids and gases, high temperature and high pressure applications benefit from the rugged fixed pore LOFMET™ design and titanium powder material of construction.

LOFMET™ titanium filter cartridges can be backwashed and cleaned for reuse repeatedly.  The inherent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance is due in-part to a design that has no longitudinal seams.

LOFMET™ filter cartridges have absolute particle retention ratings with a Beta 200 (99.5%) efficiency.  The sintered titanium material of construction is compatible with a variety of corrosive liquids & gases, cryogenic fluids, high viscosity solutions, process steam, high temperature liquids & gases and catalyst recovery applications.

Pricing table link for titanium filter cartirdges Filter cartridge pricing page lists part numbers and pricing for all LOFCLEAN™ filter cartridges,  please call, fax or email us with any filter cartridge questions and ordering instructions.