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LOFMEM FILTER CARTRIDGESLOFMEM™ filter cartridges are made from Polyethersulfone (PES) and Teflon (PTFE) membranes under ISO 9001 quality control standards to provide absolute retention consistency.  LOFMEM™ filter cartridges are used for final filtration of wine and beverages, ultrapure water filtration, DI water, photo resists, pharmaceutical intermediates, strong acids/bases, compressed gases and fermentation air. 

LOFMEM™ filter cartridges are manufactured in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom and 100% flushed.  LOFMEM™ filter cartridges have 7 ft2 to 8½ ft2 surface area with an absolute retention range from 0.03 µm to 1.00 µm.


7.6 ft2 surface area
0.20 - 0.65 µm retention
bottled water, beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks
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7.6 ft2 surface area
0.03 - 0.45
µm retention
ultrapure DI water
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7.0 ft2 surface area
0.10 - 0.65 µm retention
ultrapure water, acids/bases, food/beverages, chemicals, ink and cosmetics
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8.5 ft2 surface area
0.05 - 1.00 µm retention
pharmaceutical intermediaries, hot DI water, compressed gases, chemicals/solvents/acids/bases and fermentation air
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6.0 ft2 surface area
0.05 - 0.65 µm retention
general water filtration, DI pre-filtering, DI post-filtering and aqueous-based chemicals

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